An Acts 2 Church in Every College Town

WE ARE ACts2fellowship

We stumbled upon a home away from home.

As we live out the community found in Acts 2, we live life together, share the ups and downs, and hang out in each other’s homes. At A2F, we’ve found a place where the Bible is relevant and personal, and where good food, clean fun, and meaningful answers to timeless questions are plenty to go around.

What do we do?


WEEKLY General Meeting

Join us on Thursday nights on campus for our weekly General Meeting. As we read the Bible and enjoy a home cooked meal, expect your soul and your stomach to be fed.



DT (Devotion Time) is when we meet up and spend time reading, ask questions, and think about God’s Word, especially how we can apply it today. Sign up here if you want to join us!


Fun outings & Retreats

We like to have fun too! Whether we’re out hiking, playing board games, or balling it up on the court, you know we’re going to have a good time

When are we meeting next?

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CPP + Claremont Colleges Sunday Service

Location College of Business 163-1005

Time 11AM

Claremont Rides : 10:30am

@ Coop Fountain Parking Lot

(If you have questions call Victor 510.214.2285)